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Saturday, January 9, 2010


The past 2 nights have been frigid out! Last night got down to -26 and tonight is expected to reach a record breaking -30! I'm so more than ready for summer! We've had more snow so far this year than we got in the entire year last year, I think we may have broke that record during our Christmas blizzard.

Is my weekend off which means we also have the older 2 boys visiting, nothing better than 3 kids cooped up inside b/c its just too cold to go outside! They got sleds for Christmas but have yet to use them b/c of the temps. Fortunately Sunday is supposed to be back up into the teens! A heat wave for us at this point!

Really nothing much else happening this weekend. I'm thinking of going and finishing up the last 2 episodes of True Blood. Scott got me the series for Christmas (he had more than enough hints to do so). Then probably off to bed. Course its already late, maybe the episodes can wait another day.

Have a Wonderful Weekend! Stay cozy and warm! :)


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