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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Night at a Hotel & Fried Computer!

So after an unexpected power outage in our area, thankfully that lasted only a couple hours, we decided with the help from some friends who were staying in town, to take a night off and go join them at the hotel. We had fun, it was nice to get away, even if it was only to a hotel in the same town! lol Quinn had a blast, LOVED swimming and I'll get some pics posted ASAP. That's another issue I'll get too soon. So, we got the kingsize whirlpool suite for a GREAT deal at Best Western, I've even taken the liberty to go ahead and book it again for Valentine's Day! (wink) We've never done anything that cheesy romantic so with this being out 10th V-day together I figured, why not!? :) So I've got plans of going ahead of time and getting the room all set up romantic like and trying to surprise Scott, we'll see how that plays out! lol

Ok, onto the photo issue, well it's not exactly the camera so no worries there! But apparently my computer was fried during the power outage here friday! Freaking wonderful!!! I'm so pissed, I just got a brand new 22" monitor for christmas that I can't even use now! So, I guess when I'm able to I'll have to take it in to see if that is in fact what the deal is or if its something else and then decide if its worth fixing or upgrading. It's less than 2yrs old and I've honestly had nothing but issues with it so maybe it is time to get a different one. But thank goddess that I have my lovely new laptop which will be seeing much more use now! ;)

I've got pics to update the 365 pic -a-day section and will try to get them posted tomorrow. Going to attempt to enjoy the rest of my weekend off! :)

Have a Lovely Weekend!


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