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Friday, February 19, 2010

Whoa, a little behind!

Ok, I was afraid of this happening, especially when my desktop was fried, I've gotten very far behind on posting pics! Hey, at least I've been good about taking them though right?! lol I think I may have missed 1 day, but for me that's not too bad! ;)

So, I think I've got close to 2wks of pics for my 365 Pic-A-Day project to post to get caught up on, I may just post a few now and then a few more tomorrow and so on.

Have the older boys this weekend, Quinn just loves it when his brothers visit. It's nice when we don't have to constantly play with him too! I love him to pieces, but sometimes I get tired of playing! lol

I have to say that I can not wait for summer to get here! I am so tired of this snow and cold weather this year and being cooped up in the house with the 3yr old! I'm having daily visions of walking to the park, about 4-5blks away, and playing there for a change! My plan is to teach Quinn to ride his trike there, at least most of the way.

Scott and I had a lovely Valentines Day! We spent the night away from home and enjoyed it so much! It was so nice to just hang out again, its been so long since we've done that just the 2 of us! Maybe we can do it again for our anniversary in July?! ;)

Ok now on to some pics....

40; 2/13/10

39; 2/12/10

38; 2/11/10

37; 2/10/10

36; 2/9/10

35; 2/8/10


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