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Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Me

It's A Boy! Well kinda....well it is a boy but I didn't have another child! lol

So it may have finally happened. After the events of last night I am starting to believe that we may in fact end up with custody of Ian, Scott's oldest son from his previous marriage. The home life for the 2 boys has not been the greatest from what we are discovering gradually and Ian has wanted to move in with us for well over a year. His mother has put him off, said not yet, and put him off again. All this poor kid wants is to be with his father and in a family that loves and protects him. We can give him that. We WANT to give him that, unfortunately she has not allowed it up until now. Last night Scott got a call from her and she was in hysterics talking about someone had called CPS on her and her husband for using drugs around their kids, hmmm....about time is all I'll say! Well by the end of all the events which included her husband claiming it was Ian who told his dad etc. and then Scott calling the cops to have them check in on the welfare of the kids in the house (she has 2 young girls w/new husband) we ended up picking up the boys and bringing them home with us for the time being. I believe Jacob will be returning to his mother in a few days, that is his desire. But Ian wants to stay with us and she told Scott last night that she would not fight him for custody, that he could have him. Unfortunately that could have all changed by the time I get home from work. So, for Ian's sake I hope and pray that she will keep to her word for once and allow him what he wants. It honestly has nothing to do with what we want, we will struggle more with another person full time in the house but he needs this, he needs his father and he deserves to have his own mother realize this and be ok with it.

Ok, so that is off my chest and makes me feel a little better. I've been on edge and stressed since all this took place. Of course I was woken by Scott after the initial call b/c I work all weekend overnights and my attempts to get back to sleep were minimal. So, waiting for the kids to get to school so I can go home and take a nap! Along with making a number of calls for answers and suggestions by DSS etc. What a fun ride this is gonna be!


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