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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

First and foremost and BIG THANK YOU to Becky over at Raw Potatoes for Honoring me with this award! Thanks Becky! :)

So, I have to share 7 things about myself that you probably do not know and then pick another 15 awesome blogs to receive the award!

So here we go....

1. I am an only child. Not that my parents really planned on that happening, it just did. I have an older brother, Michael who was born apx. 3mo premature in 1975, he lived 4mo and passed away from complications due to pneumonia. It was great growing up and 'only' except when it came to housework! lol And I am the first to admit I am a spoiled brat! hehe

2. I am a 'Jane of all Trades, Master of None' as I classify myself as. I tend to start a lot of different things but often I never finish them. I hate that about myself. Some things I stop b/c I feel something gets too difficult to keep learning so I give up, it's very sad really and is something that I am trying to break. I like that I know a lot about many random things, but again hate that I am not mastered in anything. 

3. I am an extremely shy person. I've gotten better with age, doesn't everything?! I've actually missed out on relationships with people b/c of my shyness. 

4. I am debilitatingly (don't think that's a word but it fits) self conscious. There is no hiding I am a big girl, I have struggled with my weight my entire life and unfortunately that has created the issues I have today. There are things I will not want to do b/c of how I look. Another item I am trying to work on.

5. I used to collect teddy bears, now I collect fairies.

6. As much as I hate change, I MUST move my furniture around at least 2x a year! 

7. I dream of being a full time self employed photographer...successful would be good too! 

Wow ok that wasn't as hard as I initially expected it to be! It's surprising how you can just get going once you get started! 

Here are the blogs I frequent...

Thanks again Becky & have fun checking out all the great blogs I've listed!


Raw.Potatoes said...

Youre more than welcome, doll! Btw- I love change and will move my furniture weekly if I could...and often do when the hubs is deployed. When he is home, I'm lucky if it gets moved twice a yr. "/


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