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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review: Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor

Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor (The Knights of Arrethtrae)

At the time I did not realize this is book 5 in The Knights of Arrethrae series by author Chuck Black. Although it is book 5 I was able to easily jump in and not be confused from missing the previous books. This is a Christian book with a well written message. I am not someone who enjoys religion being pushed on me and this book does not do that. While the message is there, it is not overly so. You can simply read as an adventure book as well.

This story is about a young man named Quinlan, or Twitch to his friends. Who answers the call to serve the Prince and stand against the Dark Knight. Quinlan joins the ranks of elite warriors called the Swords of Valor. But after a mission goes terribly wrong and Quinlan is blamed for the tragedy and the Swords of Valor disband. He is left alone in the world to fend for himself. Sir Quinlan continues to train vigorously in the ways of the Silent Warriors. After some time the Prince gives Quinlan the mission to reunite the Swords of Valor. Will Sir Quinlan be able to reunite the Swords of Valor in time to defend against the Dark Knights evil plan? 

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review, the opinions stated are my own.


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