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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

How are you celebrating the Mother's Day Weekend? Me? I get to work all weekend. Yeah it's my weekend to work and I didn't think I would mind but now that it's here I'm kinda regretting not taking Sunday off. Not much I can do about it now so we'll celebrate Monday most likely. Maybe going to lunch tomorrow though, we'll see how much energy I have after my next overnight.

Life has been about the same, nothing much changes in our world. Quinn is getting to be a bit mouthy and doesn't like to listen so we are working on that with him. He is smart though, picks up on things so quickly so I am wanting to get organized and started working on the homeschooling things again. I've got alot of resources and materials to use, so its time to get started! I hope to get some posts up here soon on that.

School is almost done here and from the sounds of it the older boys may be staying with us all or most of the summer. I'm excited about this and a little wary. The oldest Ian has wanted to move in with us for over a year now but his mom has not given her ok on that just yet. The younger of the 2 Jacob will most likely come and go since we enforce rules on them and he doesn't seem to like this. Oh the joys!

I am working on getting an area set up in the house for a photography studio area. I've gotten a backdrop stand, a couple of lights and some backdrops (if they work) and got my new Canon T1i DSLR! I'm so excited! LOVE my new camera! Lots of learning to do still but I'm excited to start shooting! Maybe I'll finally get some 3yr pics of Quinn, before he turns 4! :)

Well that's all for this update, I hope to keep up more.

Happy Mother's Day!


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